By Tom Bostock

If you ask Bishoff + Associates, PLLC CEO, Duane B. Bishoff, what he enjoys the most, the answers shouldn’t surprise you. He is a big sports fan who enjoys football, baseball, and other outdoor sports, supporting the local community. What surprised me about Duane is that he also lists “accounting” as one his passion and he isn’t kidding. 

Exposure to the family’s truck accounting business lit a spark, at an early age, that became, first, an interest, with Duane’s early demonstrated gift for numbers, and then an enjoyable life-long career as a certified public accountant. Already with 20 years of experience, another 80 hours of on-going training, every two years, ensures that Duane is current with all changes to tax and financial laws that may affect his clients. 

Duane’s accounting education was fueled by a rudimentary accounting course that he took, while in middle school, followed by more intensive work at Plant High School and, finally, a graduate degree from the University of South Florida.

A native Floridian, Duane said that his full-service accounting firm is in the relationship business. He quickly dispelled my preconceived notion of a pinched-nosed, stuffy accountant with his open, likable persona that inspires both trust and confidence. Duane credits his staff as an integral part of the success of his company. 

Cheerful Stephanie Patrinostro (2 yrs.) greets each client like a friend, whether on the phone or in person, setting the mood and placing clients at ease. A seven-year employee, Lynn Henault, the office manager, makes sure that everything runs smoothly so that Lynne Gleason (2 yrs.) can process client payrolls, while Frank Bishoff (10 yrs.) accurately handles data processing. Mary Jane Weaver has worked in association with Duane as a staff accountant for 8 years now. 

Growth is an indication of the strength of the firm; Bishoff + Associates is no exception. Duane is pleased to announce the hiring of his latest addition to their talented staff, Enrollment Agent, Conan Raitt. Conan is a graduate of Webster college and is experienced in the complexities of IRS tax law. He is authorized to argue on behalf of their clients before the IRS. Previously relying on “word of mouth” advertising, Duane now regularly markets his business through various media. 

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…” Have you ever heard of “The Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017?” No? Neither had I. According to Duane, it amended the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Why is this important to you? If you own a business, your knowledge of its provisions can drastically reduce your tax liability. 

Did you know that the Section 199A deduction may allow up to 20% of your profits to be legally excluded in some cases, if, as the experts at Bishoff + Associates, you know what to do and where to look. Are you aware of the thresholds for exclusions? Ask Bishoff + Associates, PLLC. They’ve got the answers for you and your business.  

Bishoff + Associates, PLLC offers clients the full range of accounting services. According to Duane, they can provide anything from the answer to a simple tax question to complete accounting services, from payroll to tax preparation and everything in between. If it relates to finances and accounting processes, Duane and his experts can be the solution, for individuals, simple sole proprietorships to partnerships and even complicated corporate entities.  

A strong member of the community that his firm serves, Duane doesn’t shirk his civic responsibility either. He is active in the service organization, Civitan, as the current president of the North Tampa Club. According to their website, “Civitan international is a global organization impacting lives at the grassroots level through local civic groups. Members of Civitan share a Servant’s Heart and a desire to create positive change for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.”  Duane points out, with pride, that his group just finished their yearly role as Bike Builders for Toys for Tots. 

A strong family man, Duane coached baseball for his sons, Matt, Brandon, and Zachary, and was an on-going coach in youth baseball for 15 years. His charity efforts also help to support the Special Olympics. Somewhat of an athlete himself, several years ago, he biked to the top of Glacier National Park during a 6-day camping trip. 

A civic-minded family man, and proven accounting professional, Duane’s firm is conveniently located at 13306 Winding Oak Ct. Suite B, just off W. Fletcher. If you’ve got an accounting problem, they’ve got the solution. Reasonably priced and ready to help. For financial peace of mind, call 813 356-0400. Bishoff + Associates PLLC. Visit their website at