Dr. Tommy Lane is a Chiropractic Physician serving Carrollwood and the Tampa Bay area. Dr. Lane and the rest of the friendly team at Lane Family Chiropractic & Wellness are dedicated to finding healthcare solutions to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headache, shoulder or knee pain, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension. You may need pain relief after suffering an accident, experiencing an injury, or if you have a specific condition such as chronic back pain or a spinal condition; even if you want to improve your overall health, Dr. Lane can help you achieve your wellness goals!

I have been managing chronic lower back pain for almost one year with Dr. Tommy,” said longtime Lane Family Chiropractic patient, Stephanie H. “When I first started treatment, I was barely walking, and now I am pain-free 90% of the time. I attribute my treatment success to all of the therapy (stretching machine and laser treatment) in addition to adjustments. I have previously treated with the large, corporate orthopedic facility in the Tampa Bay area and did not get a fraction of the therapy (or results) as I do with Lane Family Chiropractic. Dr. Tommy’s staff is top-notch: they check on you continuously during therapy and build a relationship with you, so you never feel like a number. The same with Dr. Tommy: He listens to my concerns, he remembers little details specific to me, and he treats me like his patient, not a number.”

During your initial visit to Lane Family Chiropractic, Dr. Tommy Lane will explain the science behind how chiropractic care works, and give you a full evaluation to see if chiropractic care is right for you.“My first job is to find out the patient’s condition and make sure that we can help,” Dr. Lane said. If there is a good fit, Dr. Lane and his team will develop a plan of chiropractic care that is specific to your condition and health goals. “The benefits are limitless. For most, it’s getting out of pain without the use of drugs or surgery.  For others, it is getting their quality of life back and regaining their health,” Dr. Lane added.

“Every time I see Dr. Lane, he makes my day so much better,” said current patient, Jennifer C. “Not only are the adjustments just what I need, but his bedside manners are phenomenal! He truly listens and works WITH you to come up with a plan of action. His staff is always friendly and willing to help in any way they can. There are also more services than just chiropractic treatment. They offer services such as ultrasounds, traction, massage and more! I highly recommend you visit Dr. Lane!”

Chiropractic care isn’t just for grownups. Infants, children, and adults can all experience subluxations in the spine. Infants and children can become subluxated from birth trauma, other minor or significant injuries and developmental stress. Even if your child is in excellent health, injuries from bumps, bruises, falls and spills accumulate over time and can result in joint pain, discomfort and health issues in their teen and adult years.  While most of Dr. Lane’s patients are adults, Lane Family Chiropractic accepts patients of all ages! “Our youngest patient was days old, and the oldest we’ve treated was ninety-seven years old,” said Dr. Lane. 

“We first started going to Dr. Lane for my son, who has pretty significant kyphosis and pain associated with it,” said concerned mom, Janice S. “My son has had such relief and improvement, and he absolutely loves Dr. Lane.”

One type of therapy doesn’t fit all – Choices abound at Lane Family Wellness.

Most neuromusculoskeletal disorders, which include back, neck and joint pain in the arms or legs and headaches can be treated with Chiropractic Manipulation, which is a non-invasive treatment option. By applying a controlled force in a restricted area, this type of therapy is used to restore joint mobility in the body. Once mobility is restored, pain caused by muscle tightness and inflammation can be decreased.

Are you suffering from sciatica, bulging disc pain or herniations? 

Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical approach to treat these issues and more.  Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to promote cellular activity may be just what the doctor ordered to treat inflammation and pain. 

To aid in tension release and muscle spasms, you can also schedule a massage therapy session. Research shows that a good massage offers a lot of benefits including reduced your heart rate, increased blood circulation, relaxed muscles, improved range of motion and more.  Massage therapy also helps quicken recovery from injury.   

Did you know the body can help heal itself?  

Platelet Rich Plasma is a non-surgical treatment using a concentrated amount of your own body’s platelets.  These platelets stimulate healing and are used to treat various types of soft tissue sprains, strains, and muscle/ligament/tendon tears.  “I recently opened the Wellness side of our clinic in which we can expand our services for our patients,” says Dr. Lane. “We can tailor our services to their medical needs, like basic primary care, regenerative medicine or joint injections. We are trying to complete the whole circle for our patients and eliminate their issues from falling between the cracks and ultimately bettering their quality of life.” 

About Dr. Tommy Lane

Originally from Tarpon Springs, Dr. Lane attended St. Petersburg Junior College where he earned his Associate of Arts degree and played college baseball.  “Working with people and the body was always something I wanted to do,” said Dr. Lane. On a baseball scholarship, he attended Warner University where he double majored in Exercise Science and Biology. Initially, he planned to be a physical therapist, but after hearing the experiences of a friend who interned in a chiropractic office, he changed paths to become a chiropractor. 

Dr. Lane earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia where he graduated with honors. After practicing at a multi-disciplinary practice for a while, he and his wife Kellie moved back to the Tampa Bay area to be closer to family. 

For Dr. Lane, giving back to the community is as important as taking care of his family and his patients. He has served on numerous community boards, served as president of the Carrollwood Business Association, Hillsborough County Chiropractic Society and Kiwanis Club of Carrollwood. Over the years, the entire staff at Lane Family Chiropractic has participated in multiple toy and food drives for local charities in Tampa Bay.   

A Professional Team Providing Exceptional Care

To offer the best customer experience to his patients, Dr. Lane has built a trusted staff.  “I have several key players in my office which I rely on daily, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” he said. “First of all, my wife, Kellie.  She has been with me since I first decided to go to graduate school.”  Then he mentioned his “two main players,” Brittany Howe and Taylor Reinhard, who run the office day in and day out.  

Medical Director Dr. Yvette Suarez, and ARNP Nicole Demas are also on hand to provide basic primary care, regenerative medicine, and joint injections. “Both are highly skilled practitioners that are very successful in their fields,” says Dr. Lane.  

If you have insurance benefits, Lane Family Wellness will take care of filing for you. They always pre-verify so the patient knows exactly what the cost will be up front.  “As a consumer and a patient, I don’t like hidden fees and waiting long times for the doctor. We have tried to create total transparency along with top quality customer service and expertise for our patients,” Dr. Lane expressed.  

“I called to make an appointment for my boyfriend after he had a bad car accident which was causing him back and neck pain,” says Joselynn M. “Lane Family Chiropractic worked around his schedule and managed to provide his treatment through his insurance. The staff is very friendly and wonderful, and Dr. Lane is awesome. This is a great place to go to. I highly recommend it.”

The best part of his job, Dr. Lane said, is dealing with people and their healthcare issues.  “They want results, not placebos.  It means a lot to me that our patients trust us with their healthcare issues and needs and that they ask us for suggestions and guidance.”

Don’t get used to living with pain, call Dr. Lane Today! 

Lane Family Wellness is located in the Georgetown Office Park at 1323 W. Fletcher Avenue, Tampa 33612.  Call 813-968-4293 for your appointment.  Visit their website at www.LaneFamilyWellness.com