On any given day, Leo’s Barber Shop at 4110 Little Road in Trinity is bustling with the best barbers in Tampa giving the best service, closest shaves, head-turning haircuts and eye-catching styles. “We have a very diverse group of talented barbers who can do any style, cut or shave that you would want,” said owner Steve VanPetten. “We mainly focus on men, but we can also accommodate women and children.” In fact, Leo’s barbers and hair stylists are happy to accommodate any member of the family. “This is a great place to bring your entire family!” says Matthew M. “I am so happy I stumbled across this neighborhood gem. They have every type of barber and stylist ready to tackle anyone’s needs. My daughter can get her hair trimmed by a stylist and my son can get a great fade and design at the same time, all while I am getting my beard treatment!”

There are always 8 chairs open at Leo’s and typically when you walk-in for a service, you won’t have to wait long but Steve says there are some loyal clients that have their favorite barber they are willing to wait for. “Tony is the man,” said Robb S. “I have had several others cut my hair and they are all great at their job. Tony took the time to show me the way my hair actually grows, how it flows and not to fight it. My hair has never looked better and the compliments about, ‘wow! Love your haircut dude,’ are always commonplace right after he takes care of me. I call to make sure his there before I come in, the best. Absolutely the best.”

All the barbers at Leo’s are here because they want a career where they can express themselves artistically and be self-employed at the same time,” said Steve. “All these people are passionate about their work and all have several people that will wait for them because they know that it’s worth the wait.”

Haircuts & Style: Whether you want to stick with your current style or are in need of a new one, the experienced barbers at Leo’s will have you looking fine in no time. They take the time to talk to each client, so they know what they want and are happy to suggest styles based on their knowledge of the latest trends and looks and their experience with all types of hair. They are skilled at making clients of all ages happy, even the youngest members of the household who are coming in for their first haircut. And all haircuts, and edge ups come with a shave. Well except for the first haircuts – no shave for them – but they do get a fancy certificate and their picture on Leo’s first haircut page of fame.

“My son gets his haircut here,” said Marsha B. “It’s the best barber shop in the Trinity/New Port Richey area. They are great with a straight razor. My son’s hair looks so nice with super clean edges. He is 15 so you know at that age a nice haircut is very important.”

Beard Treatment: If you’ve got a beard, you know they require extra maintenance to look their best. Don’t worry, Leo’s is home to The Beard Doctor. “I can’t say enough just how amazing my barber Richie ‘the beard doctor’ is,” said Jacob T. “I walked away feeling more elated than I could have possibly imagined. These guys know what they are doing and treat your beard/hair with an incredible sense of artistry and respect. I’ve found my permanent barber shop.”

Steve and the talented barbers at Leo’s have created a vibrant community inside the shop that is open and friendly to everyone. They love getting to know their clients and their preferences and are equally active in the community outside their shop. They are heavily involved in charities, community service and funding for schools and non-profit organizations. Leo’s helps out every year with the Red Apple Training Center, the V.A. Project, the Shriner’s Circus and other local organizations.

The reason I have enjoyed this career so much is as the owner of the shop I know that I’m here to serve the barbers. To help them make the most out of their careers and assist them however I can, so in return they can continue serving the customers and providing nothing but the best customer service to anyone who walks in,” said Steve. “Our diversity is no accident. I have worked hard to make all customers feel comfortable here. The fact that we don’t cater to just one style of client means that we will be here for a long time. When I see some of the barbers that have been here for a long time doing so well, it makes me feel very proud of what we have built. We have become a family. This is really what gives me the most joy.”

Happy customer and future regular Brandon B. had this to say about his experience at Leo’s; “My first time going in was today and I can definitely say I’ll be a regular from here on out! The owner Steve VanPetten greeted me at the door welcoming me in like I was family…Best environment, best culture, and the best relationships @ Leo’s Barbershop. And last but not least Steve did a fantastic job cutting my hair! I’ve never been this satisfied with a haircut until today!!! Thank you Steve!!!”

Stop by today and become part of Leo’s family! No appointments are necessary. Walk-ins are welcome and you’re sure to walk out looking your best.

SPECIAL OFFER! Any dad that comes in for a haircut before Father’s Day (June 11th through June 16th) will receive a FREE GIFT while supplies last!

Leo’s Barber Shop is located at 4110 Little Road in Trinity. They are open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. For more informationcall (727) 372-7023 or visit www.LeosBarberShop.com