By Tom Bostock

    Caveat Emptor – “Buyer Beware” – should be the mantra of anyone who buys or sells real property without the assistance of a competent real estate agent. If you needed a gallbladder operation, would you go out and buy a book called Gallbladder Operations for Dummies? Of course not, right? Then, why would you attempt to navigate the intricacies of a real estate transaction alone? 

    Do you know what time limits are imposed by the different real estate contracts OR the rights of the buyer or seller? Does your contract have verbiage that could impact the profit you receive from the sale of your home? Has the buyer lender been vetted, or do you know what price you will ultimately pay for a home at the closing table? These are only a few of the many considerations involved in a typical real estate transaction. 

    Protecting the interests of her clients throughout the Tampa Bay area is experienced, real estate professional, Realtor Judi Beck. As a Realtor, Judi is voluntarily a part of a nationwide organization which has adopted a Code of Ethics to protect the consumer from unfair and unethical practices during a real estate transaction. On-going training, every 2 years, ensures that she is aware of any changes in real estate law that can affect a real estate outcome.  Judi has already advanced her real estate education, enhancing her ability to assist her clients, earning the GRE, ePRO, and CNE designations.

    As an agent with Florida Executive Realty, Judi has extensive personal knowledge in the sale of homes throughout the Tampa Bay area. Her listings and “solds” have included: country club, waterfront, farms and luxury properties. She is not just local, but, through her broker affiliate, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Judi is able to buy or list a property, across the country and world- wide.

     Judi is in a relationship business where honesty and confidence in your Realtor are the most important aspects. Trust is a must in any real estate transaction; she strives to satisfy all parties, understanding and responding to the needs of the participants. 

     “The most difficult part,” Judi stresses, “for a seller or buyer is to feel confident and trust the agent they’re with. On any appointment I go into, I tell the potential seller or buyer client the truth. I have the comparable (a list of homes of similar size and value to the property being listed) ready and really do my research because the first 30 days are crucial.”  She is constantly monitoring the market, ensuring that the seller is kept informed of any changes that may affect their pricing or updates the home may need to be competitive.

    Judi continues, “When meeting a buyer who has a list of houses they are interested in, I make sure I have the history of the houses and what they sold for in the past and bring a list of comparable properties, so that I have a good idea if the house is priced right before I even walk in.”   

     Over the past six years, Judi has sold three of her personal homes; she is able to relate to and empathize with buyers’ and sellers’ feelings when they may feel overwhelmed, going through moving, showings, and finding their new home. 

    Great marketing techniques are the keys to every successful and profitable real estate transaction, another thing that Judi excels at. Taking advantage of the knowledge of advertising and layout that she learned while working for the then St. Petersburg Times, their Washington DC affiliate, and Veritas in New York City, Judi offers her clients a wide range of marketing options in her arsenal of cutting-edge strategies. 

    In addition to the MLS listing, traditional email blasts and flyers, Judi uses professional high definition photography and aerial drone photography to highlight both the home and communities her clients are interested in. 

    If you are buying or selling in the Tampa Bay area, you owe it to yourself to hire the best. Call Judi Beck today at Florida Executive Realty – 15802 Amberly Drive- 813-380-3866 (cell) or email and take the worry out of your real estate transaction.