By Carla Selby

With hundreds of bird species native to the state, Florida is a bird lover’s paradise, and fall is a great time to feed and watch your backyard birds! The autumn migration season is here and is an exciting time for birding. Millions of birds are on the wing, covering thousands of miles across oceans and continents. With migrants on the move, your local birding site can become dynamic overnight, with an abundance of new species to identify. After some time you will start to identify your favorites sparking interest on how to keep them coming back. 

If you’ve been considering joining the ranks of the 47 million birders in the United States, there’s no better time than the present to take the plunge—or at least dip your toes in.  

Birds are easy to attract and fun to observe. They provide hours of enjoyment and a special connection to wildlife even in heavily urbanized areas. You don’t have to stray far from your own home to go birding: any green space or open water source will do.

Whether you’re a “Bird-ginner” looking for your first pair of binoculars, or an experienced birder in search of a specific type of bird food, Wild Birds Unlimited, located in the Village Center of Carrollwood, has everything you’ll ever need to make your experience an unforgettable one. Long-time bird enthusiast, Lucy Polak, has been a customer since 1997 when they first opened their doors. When the original owners decided it was time to retire, Lucy jumped on the opportunity. After working years in corporate America, she found herself in between jobs. You don’t always understand why things happen but in this case, it was clear. Lucy purchased Wild Birds Unlimited 4 years ago this month, and this past May the store celebrated its 22nd anniversary! The amazing passion this store has for nature comes from deep within and shortly after retiring the previous owner made a return to his roots. “The previous owner still works here, so long-time customers still have a close bond with him,” says Lucy. You can find him working alongside her assisting their customers in making their yard a beautiful bird haven. 

“We absolutely love Wild  Birds Unlimited,” says frequent customer Karen M. “The staff is so helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable; always eager to assist and answer any of your questions! They are very experienced in the field and offer helpful suggestions and recommendations! They offer everything you can imagine for feeding your outdoor birds, butterflies, squirrels and more… Lucy, the owner, is enthusiastic about her business and goes out of her way to assist you, as does every sales associate working at this store! Really worth giving them a try. You will be so happy when you have so many different specifies of birds as they come in flocks, and even bring their babies after they learn to fly! Happy birding from an extremely happy customer!”

Birding is not a difficult hobby, you just need the right supplies and information. Wild Birds Unlimited is the place to find that! “In the cooler months we do monthly presentations on a variety of nature-related themes,” Lucy added. “We always have a great turnout, the community has been very supportive, and I truly appreciate that. Our seed characters are coming in November; everyone always loves them.”

Although it takes time and dedication, the benefits of bird feeding are something that you can enjoy far beyond the company of your feathered friends. For Tony L. birding became a way to connect and bond with his young daughter. “I’m not much of a bird guy, but since my daughter is a big bird girl, I guess that automatically makes me a birdman,” says Tony. “I’ve become more of a bird lover since the super friendly staff at Wild Birds Unlimited educated me on my purchases. We have a flat hanging feeder that feeds many bird families and a few squirrels. Of course, my daughter has managed to name them all! It’s great entertainment for both of us and an amazing bonding experience. We truly appreciate the educational component of shopping at Wild Birds Unlimited. I highly suggest that you shop here, and I encourage you to ask a lot of questions. They are very helpful.”

Wild Birds Unlimited is your one-stop shop to turn your backyard into the relaxing oasis you have always wished for. Many people who have come into the store curious about what is inside have later become very passionate about attracting birds. The staff at Wild Birds Unlimited is very knowledgeable and able to help you connect with nature whether you’re a beginner or expert. They carry the best bird food available in Tampa Bay. Most of the products are made in the U.S.A. and many of the houses and feeders are made from recycled materials. Some bird foods from other places include fillers that the birds won’t really eat. Every ingredient in the bird food at Wild Birds Unlimited is a seed or grain that birds love to eat. They make sure that all the food is suited for this area and that it will attract the birds you want to see. The food is always fresh and it comes from farms that do not use insecticides. 

In addition to a wide variety of beautiful bird feeders, houses, nesting boxes, Wild Birds Unlimited carries field guides to help you identify the birds you will see, nature lotions, yard décor, and children’s books. 

The goal at Wild Birds Unlimited is to help you enjoy the benefits of birding by bringing people and nature together. The knowledgeable staff is excited and ready to help engage you and the next generation of birding enthusiasts. Stop by today and unleash the beauty of color and music birds will bring to your home.

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Wild Birds Unlimited is located at 13140 Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618. Please call (813) 280.9970 for more information.