By Ethan Lichtenberg

Long Drive Champion and world-record holder for the fastest club swing ever recorded (227 miles per hour!), Ryan Winther, was tired. His motivation for competing, training, and business ventures were dwindling. The days of appearing on the Golf Channel driving a ball through their distance simulator to the amazement of the hosts and crew seemed distant. Although still in shape, Ryan was not as strong and was putting on body fat despite a healthy diet. Ryan’s co-host on NBC sports, “Driven” golf show, Charlie Zamora, took notice. He knew former Olympic weight-lifting champion, Jeff Wittmer, who is the business manager for National Rejuvenation Centers, St. Louis. He heard about the success of their protocols with Rejuvenation Medicine – the combination of bio-identical hormone optimization, personalized exercise, and nutrition protocols. Ryan agreed that something had to be done to get his drive back and called Jeff, who recommended that Ryan seek treatment from the founder of rejuvenation medicine, and author of the best-selling book “Rejuvenation; Real People, Real Results” Dr. Bartley Kerrat National Rejuvenation Centers in Palm Harbor.

This was a pivotal and personal moment for Ryan. Still, he felt it necessary for others to see what he was going through and devoted an entire episode of “Driven” to his experience at NRC with Dr. Kerr. (The episode can be seen on NBC sports or YouTube ). Initial blood work was discussed, and it was found that not only was his testosterone low, but his cholesterol was also terrible. A plan was formulated for Ryan by Dr. Kerr and his medical team to not only get his drive distance back but to get his cholesterol under control and get “his drive for life” back. It worked!

After only eight weeks, Ryan’s Total Cholesterol dropped almost 200 points from 349 to 166, his triglycerides dropped from 233 to 66, and his HDL “good cholesterol” rose 13 points from 30 to 43! “The energy and mood elevation is incredible!” says Ryan. “I am enjoying training again, and my head is clear, and I am focused. I am motivated again to set some big records! Most importantly, I am healthy as my cholesterol is back in line without taking cholesterol medication, and my health insurance dropped my premiums thirty dollars a month!”  

“Hormone optimization is part of the puzzle, but Rejuvenation Medicine also focuses on the nutrition requirements of the patient and appropriate exercises to fit the patient’s needs,” says Dr. Kerr. “We revamped Ryan’s weight-lifting routine to focus not only on traditional strength movements but functional golf-swing specific movements as well to offer more club-head speed and flexibility. The nutrition component was tailored to Ryan’s need to maintain muscle mass and get slightly leaner. It is nice to see Ryan happy, recharged, and energetic!”

National Rejuvenation Centers now has two locations, one in Palm Harbor, Florida, and one in St. Louis, Missouri. Hormone optimization therapy is much simpler than you might imagine. When a person is in their twenties, everything seems to be synced up both physically and mentally. But as you get older, age begins to take a toll. It appears that young people have an unfair advantage in life. As you get older, you begin to hit a wall. Dr. Kerr says most of his patients explain the feeling as “blah.” If you’re a male or female over the age of thirty-five, the chances are that you know this feeling. You don’t necessarily feel terrible, but you don’t feel as good as you could either. NRC provides middle age and older patients the hormone values of those healthy twenty-year-olds, who rarely get sick, have high metabolisms, and get results when they work out in the gym! These hormone levels are what Dr. Kerr refers to in his book as “optimal” levels. 

Your first visit with Dr. Kerr will be an in-depth health history and discussion with Dr. Kerr, and a medical examination will be performed by one of NRC’s doctors or nurse practitioners. Blood work is ordered to determine health and hormone deficiencies. After the results come back, Dr. Kerr and his team at NRC develop a plan to get your hormones in balance with hormone optimization therapy. Once these hormones are back to the way they should be, he recommends a personalized nutrition plan and exercise programs.

Within five weeks, most patients return to him feeling the way they did when they were in their twenties, and many feel even better. Their blood profiles usually change for the positive, body fat is reduced, and muscle is generally increased, and the mood is elevated! Dr. Kerr told me, “the best part is that it doesn’t take working out countless hours and eating next to nothing! Because these men and women have the optimal hormone levels of athletic twenty-year-olds, but also have the muscle fibers of a person over forty, long hours in the gym are counter-productive. The majority of NRC’s patients exercise no more than three and a half hours a week with specific methods to maximize outcomes from their training.” He goes on to say, “People are often shocked by how much food they can eat while losing body fat on the program. They have to realize that since their hormones are optimal and they are exercising, they have to eat similar to athletes at the training table. Their metabolisms may be the best they have ever been, and healthy exercising adults need the fuel to keep them fit and healthy!

Even better, hormone optimization will not break the bank and is more affordable than ever! Many people spend more each month on vitamins than NRC’s patients spend on their prescriptions! If you are tired, gaining weight, lost your libido, feel a loss of motivation, or just feel “off,” Rejuvenation Medicine may be right for you. Get your “drive” back, like long drive champion Ryan Winther, and be a champion in life! Call National Rejuvenation Centers today!

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