By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Hidden from view on North Dale Mabry Highway, tucked into the back corner of a shopping complex, is a wellness shop like no other. From the relaxing blue-grey hue on the wall and the greenery throughout the store to the comfortable seating, expansive open layout, and pocket-sized, sweet, four-legged greeter, Your CBD Store makes you feel welcome as soon as you enter. 

This unexpected oasis in the heart of Carrollwood opened in September, thanks to the hard work and dedication of wife and husband team, Tiffany Martinez and Michael Maniscalco, as well as their family partners, Andrea and Dan Gysel, with an official grand opening in November.

Tiffany has experienced first-hand, seeing the incredible results of using natural CBD. When the opportunity came to become an affiliate store of SunMed and SunFlora in Carrollwood, she and her husband jumped at the chance. 

As pet parents themselves, they selected the pet-friendly location because of its proximity to the pet shop in front of the plaza.

“We love the family atmosphere, people walking around with their pets,” said Michael.

Your CDB Store carries a curated variety of CBD products that Tiffany has personally vetted. With a background as a professional buyer, Tiffany travels to New York and Los Angeles to stay on top of the latest trends and bring only the highest quality, premium products to her customers and their pets.

The couple is hoping to clear up confusion and misinformation about CBD and what exactly their store offers.

“CBD won’t get you high, it’s not illegal, and it won’t make you unable to function,” explained Michael. “We are not a head or vape shop. We are a wellness boutique.”

Unlike marijuana, non-psychoactive CBD has zero THC in broad-spectrum CBD to .03 THC in full-spectrum products. CBD can be taken orally or topically. As the human body has a natural Endocannabinoid System, the use of CBD helps in several areas including providing restorative sleep, pain management, inflammation reduction, anxiety, and stress relief. It has been used in place of ADD/ADHD medicine in children, without the frightening side effects. Not only is CBD exceptional for humans, but their pets, as well. 

Michael relays a story of a customer’s elderly dog who couldn’t make it up to three flights of apartment stairs; the owner regularly carried the pet. He purchased a jar of CBD dog treats, and the results were miraculous. Within days, the arthritic dog was acting like a pup half his age. Stairs were no longer an issue.

“When you see that kind of experience with your pet, regardless of what your age is, it’s a great indicator of what it can do for you if you were to start taking it,” he said. “It helps you feel young again with fewer aches and pains with age. It’s a super anti-inflammatory agent. There’s no debate that our topicals reduce pain. We have athletes and parents for kids who use the topicals for sports injuries and post-heavy training. In about 10 minutes, the swelling has gone down, and the pain is minimized.”

Michael and Tiffany feel that the shop can be beneficial to all customers, yet cater to those 55 and older that prefer a holistic lifestyle and a natural approach over medicine. 

Regular use of CBD has been shown to drastically reduce the use of prescription drugs. Though there no contraindication with any medicine, as CBD can magnify the effects of medication, the couple recommends speaking to a doctor before starting a CBD regimen.

“It fights nicotine cravings, helps with opioid withdrawal, and brings your body into homeostasis or balance,” said Tiffany. “It interacts with the immune, hormonal, and nervous system blocking pain receptors and is anti-inflammatory.”

In Your CBD Store, CBD comes in dozens of varieties – a complete skincare line, bath bombs, lotion, massage oil, candles, sexual potency products for men and women, vaping cartridges, pain cream, chocolate, granola bars, nuts, gummies, candy, mints, lollipops, lemonade, tea, coffee, and pet treats. They also carry wellness mushroom products and hyperlocal honey from the Lowry Park area, as Michael is a beekeeper.

For added convenience, once favorite products are determined, UberEats can deliver them to the customer’s door.

Recently, at the USA-CBD Expo in Miami, Your CBD Store took home awards for Best CBD Tincture: Orange Flavor; Best CBD Vaping Cartridge: Pineapple Express, and Best CBD Topical: Topical Relief Cream.

Despite not being required, Michael and Tiffany follow FDA regulations – all products are labeled to FDA standards. Customers can scan a product’s QR code and track the batch’s growth to sale.  

Your CBD sales and marketing manager, Dawn Hudson, is excited to have customers experience Michael and Tiffany’s shop.

“Come in and visit. Take a free sample, and let’s see what we can do to help you.”

Your CBD Shop, Carrollwood, is located at 13721 North Dale Mabry Hwy. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday 12 – 6 pm. For more information, visit, or on Facebook or Instagram.