By Tom Bostock

It is a natural process for our bodies to change over time. Aging, childbirth, a variety of health issues, and both chronic and acute diseases can begin to take their toll. Organs age, get damaged or displaced, creating difficulty with or unwanted urination. Worse yet, as we age cancer can attack vital organs and hopefully these can be cured.

These conditions may be difficult to even talk about, creating embarrassing situations for their sufferers. When any of these problems arise, it is important to find an empathetic, caring doctor who is not only qualified but makes you feel comfortable and can treat all aspects of your personal complaints.

Doctor David DiPiazza is that doctor. Although many physicians refer patients to him, they also choose him to treat both their family members and themselves. Patients travel from all over Florida to see this highly respected doctor, board-certified in both Urology and Urogynecology.

His office is conveniently located at 2148 Duck Slough Blvd, Suite 102, New Port Richey, (Trinity), Florida. For his patients’ convenience, he accepts most major insurance programs. If you call the office (727 375 1975) to verify your insurance’s acceptance, the friendly office staff will be happy to assist you.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘board certified,”, defines the process as: “demonstrates a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and /or sub-specialty of medical practice. The ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties) Program for MOC (Maintenance of Certification) is a system of ongoing professional development and practice assessment improvement.”

What this means to you, the patient is that Dr. DiPiazza has achieved the “gold standard” in his field. He has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by his peers in not one but two specialties, Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) (which is the board especially for Urogynecology). Few, if any surgeons in the Tampa Bay area, have his expertise, experience or dual certifications; he is the only one in Pasco County with both board certifications.

“Never a dull moment” is an apt description for a day in the life of Dr. DiPiazza. Mornings may involve diagnosing and treating men’s issues like prostate, kidney and related cancers or BPH (prostate gland enlargement).

In his Urogynecology role, he might be helping female patients with OAB (overactive bladders), urinary continence, or dropped bladders and vaginal prolapse. Childbirth targets these organs and can result in a weakening of pelvic, vaginal and rectal muscles and tissue. He is often called upon to correct the mistakes or problems arising from prior surgeries that may cause issues or have failed.

Even Dr. DiPiazza’s surgical solutions for some of these conditions are as minimally invasive as possible to reduce post-surgical discomfort and improve recovery times. He uses both medical and surgical solutions to resolve his patients’ complaints.

His improved surgical outcomes and shortened recovery times are the results of employing robotic surgery when called for. Dr. DiPiazza was clinically trained and was the first surgeon in Pasco County to employ the Da Vinci Surgical System, robotic surgery.

Using the robotic surgical system to assist him in performing even the most complex surgery, Dr. DiPiazza’s skillful hands control the entire process with laser-like precision, making smaller, more easily-healed incisions, unlike traditional surgery with it’s wider, more invasive operation fields and larger, longer-healing surgical incisions.

Dr. DiPiazza’s academic and medical background speaks for itself. After graduating with undergraduate honors (cum laude) from Cornell University, his impressive residency resume includes Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the prestigious Princeton Medical Center. During his 6-years of formal surgical training in New Jersey, Dr. DiPiazza was taught all aspects of both male and female urology, related cancers and robotic surgery.

If you are passed your childbearing and rearing days, and your husband is considering a vasectomy, Dr. DiPiazza can provide the ideal solution with a scalpel and needle-free vasectomy to ease both your mind and body.

Listen to what some of Dr. DiPiazza patients on had to say about him. The site rates physicians in several categories: trustworthiness, explains condition(s) well, answers questions, and time well spent. In all categories, Dr. DiPiazza received an “excellent” rating.

His office and staff performance, in the additional categories of scheduling, office environment, and staff friendliness were equally impressive with another “excellent” rating and an average wait time of only 10 to 15 minutes. Patient online remarks were just as complimentary:

“The first time I met with Dr. DiPiazza, I was afraid and confused! I was literally in shock because I had just received a diagnosis of kidney cancer! The oncologist that I went to immediately said Dr. DiPiazza is the only one. I’d recommend him for your situation. As I talked with him, I became calm and so reassured that I would be alright.”

Another patient wrote: “From the moment that I met him, he was caring, and I felt completely safe and assured that I had a great doctor.”

If you need a qualified urologist or urogynecologist, Dr. DiPiazza and his caring staff are here to help. For more information or to make an appointment, call 727 375 1975, Dr. David DiPiazza, 2148 Duck Slough Blvd, Suite 102, New Port Richey, (Trinity), Florida.