By Lisa Stephens

FlooringMaster emerged as an innovative solution for homeowners and businesses in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas that are unable to find quality and professional flooring service providers. Flooring Master challenges the current way that big box stores and national flooring retailers treat the customers; we are committed to being the first choice for flooring projects by exceeding expectations in terms of personalized service, professional project management, expert installation, and product choice, quality, and durability.

Throughout the years, we have learned that people suffer by not being able to find FlooringMaster; we realized that our competitors treat potential customers as simple mediums to generate more income and create profits (without adding value), instead of building long-term relationships and customers that would be happy to refer the company to their friends and family.  

 Our product selection covers all areas of materials you might consider for a flooring design in your home including carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl and moldings . We merchandise our product selection to give you a beautiful selection from only the finest manufacturers, both from North America and around the world, and we believe it is a selection unmatched anywhere else.

Your design associate is someone who will come to your home with the specific skill to design for you the flooring solution to inspire you, and that is perfect for your home. Every one of our design associates is trained to be an expert in both flooring knowledge and flooring design. We are experts in knowing the features and benefits of all types of flooring material, and how to create for you the right design, either from one material, or using several in one design. Our job is to inspire you, and to open up for you a world of opportunity to create the most beautiful and appropriate flooring solution. 

 The Flooring Master customer experience is what really separates our company from our competition. It is made up of several simple and integrated steps that all add up to us exceeding your expectations. We pledge to you that we will always strive to deliver the following:

However you first contact us, you will be listened to, and we will gather all the necessary information from you to ensure that our in-home and complimentary flooring design consultation will be productive and satisfactory to you.

        You will receive confirmation of your appointment with us.

        We will arrive for our appointment on time and fully prepared to design a flooring solution that will inspire you.

        We will always respect your home.

        Your flooring associate will create a custom solution that inspires you.

        You will have a proposal and a design suggestion in your hand at the time of your in-home estimate or within 48 hours of our appointment.

        We will take all possible steps to ensure that the flooring installation process is smooth and successful

        We will confirm your scheduled installation and we will arrive on time.

We guarantee our workmanship, and upon the completion of your flooring installation we will walk you through the work and review the maintenance and upkeep requirements of your floor.

We are always available to you, and will stay in contact with you, should you have further questions or would like additional flooring design and inspirational solutions.

FlooringMaster is located at 21105 Leonard Road, Lutz 33558. Visit their website at for product information and a coupon for $250.00 off projects of 400 sqft or more! Call the showroom at 813-731-0546. They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.