By Tracey Reger

“Hello, my name is Gideon.” barks out a red Vizsla, “I want to talk to you, dog-to-dog, about the best place to hang-out. Located in Oldsmar, it’s called Dogism, and it’s the place to be! Dogism is an air-conditioned, 7000+ sq ft multi-service facility for us and our humans to play, and to show off our stuff! It offers obedience classes, agility training, doggy daycare, a top-notch retail store, and DIY bathing stations. Dogism is owned and operated by my pet parents, Renee and Jason Russell. Renee is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and an AKC evaluator, while Jason has a degree in psychology from the University of Delaware. Both have experience in training for more than 12 years.”

Renee and Jason currently have two adorable Vizslas in their family, Gideon, and Bailey. They also have experience competing in dog competitions. Although Renee and Jason enjoyed the experience of training their dogs competitively, they found it to be demanding and time-consuming. As a result, Dogism was inspired to be a place where everyone can benefit from the experience and fun of training without the pressure of competition. Renee explains, “The primary reason for all of this was just to have all the training and agility at a fun level. I like dogs to have fun and to do things without the pressure of competition and training.” Renee and Jason share their mission to, “Have a place for people to have fun with their dogs.” With more than 7 types of classes available for dogs and owners alike, it is all the fun without the pressure.

Dogism is not just a facility, it is a way of life. It is a real community of dog lovers who come to make sure their dogs are not only well-trained but also happy. Teresa S. elucidates, “Dawn, our miniature poodle, loves coming to Dogism for training class, to visit her friends and to run around on the padded floor in the training/play area! Renee has been a wonderful trainer and has been able to offer many alternative methods until we find what works for Dawn! She is a very special lady! If you are looking for the best training class in town, stop by and meet Renee at Dogism!”

“Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend.” ~ Corey Ford.

Training Programs

The Puppy Intensive is a one-time “talk” for new or soon to be puppy owners. It covers everything you need to know to care for your first pup: potty training, crate training, mouthing, chewing, appropriate toys, and more! Later, there is the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy (socialization, training, activity, responsibility) certification. This class follows the American Kennel Club program for starting puppies and owners off on the right paw. It teaches basic training and what it means to be a responsible puppy owner.

For the adult dogs or older puppies, there is the Good Dog Manners class. Kaitlyn M. describes, “Our 3-year-old dog Maya (husky) loved the Good Manners class that Dogism offers. The trainers were so friendly and knowledgeable. Maya honestly looked forward to the class every week.” To go a step further, the Advanced Manners class will prepare the dog and owner to earn AKC Canine Good Citizen title. This is when you can really show off your skills!

It is all fun and games in the Tricks class. This class is modeled after the Do More With Your Dog program. Learn various tricks just for fun, or work towards the different levels of titles offered by DMWYD.

With all these classes and more, you will build a loving relationship with your pet that you will treasure.

“One of the most enduring friendships in history – dogs and their people, people and their dogs.” Terry Kay           

Fungility Class

Fungility is for everyone! This class is for both new dogs to agility and experienced dogs alike. There is a new, fun course set-up every class to challenge you and your dog. Nina P. describes, “Awesome place for dogs! What a fun time attending the Fungility class and watching all the dogs having so much fun getting needed mental and physical stimulation.” Donna B. agrees, “Just finished our first “Fungility” class with Renee. It was great. She is extremely patient and knowledgeable. The facility is very clean. I can’t wait to go back.”

Doggy Daycare

Gideon says, “If you get too lonely when there is nobody home, come and hang-out with me! We are never left alone, and there is ample opportunity to make friends.”

Linda P. explains, “We have been taking our dog Missy, to the daycare at Dogism for the 3 months we are in Florida. We found her as a stray and we took her here for the socialism with other dogs. This has really been great for her and we have seen so much improvement in her since she has been going. I would highly recommend Dogism to anyone that is looking for a very professional and caring place to take their dogs to.”

Gideon continues, “Not only do we get to socialize with one another, but we also receive that basic training we crave so much! Trained staff supervise us and give each of us individualized attention. There is also play time, rest time, and of course, treat time. There is a limit to the number of us dogs accepted into daycare so that we all receive the attention we desire. We all must undergo a behavioral evaluation before entering daycare to ensure we will get along with the group.”

DIY Doggie Baths

After all that hard play, there is a DIY doggie bath area. Dogism offers two 50.25″L x 21.25″W x 20″D raised grooming tubs to save your back! It is comfortably large for big dogs (along with a step-up ramp), but for the petite ones, there is a shelf for them to sit on. The bathing station has everything you need for a cleaner, happier pup. Choose from a full selection of shampoo that best fits your dog’s needs. The station is complete with towels or a fur dryer! When you are finished, pick a snazzy bandana or a cute bow to compliment how doggone cute your best pal is! Jennifer A. says, “So much easier to bath and groom your dog there than at home. The best part is you get to leave the MESS and go home with a beautiful clean dog.” Torri C. Concurs, “Stopped in yesterday with my Labrador for the DIY bath!! It was a wonderful experience! The staff was very friendly and helpful and they had everything I needed to give my Girl a nice bath… Plus they kept the excess hair – BONUS We’ll be back.”

Awesome Re-tail

Toys! Toys! And more Toys! There is also a unique selection of everything you need to have a fully fashionable, outfitted dog in today’s society. Plus, there is no shortage of treats for dogs to either eat or bury. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask the Dogism team. If they don’t carry it, they will do a special order for it. And no bones about it, most importantly, Dogism will not carry any product they would not use on or give to their own dogs.

The Dogism retail store is open Monday – Friday 10am-7pm Saturday 11am-4pm
DIY Dog Bathing is open during retail hours. 
Dogism Daycare hours are 7 a.m.–7 p.m. on Mon. – Fri. All dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered. Dogs should be fully vaccinated and reliably housebroken before starting daycare.  
Dogism is located at 110 Pine Avenue South in Oldsmar. For a complete calendar of events, training classes, or more information, please visit or call (813) 854-3647 (DOGS)