By Joy Bergman

Tampa Bay, get ready to sparkle and shine your way to a cleaner and happier home life, with the help of some lovely cleaning angels from the Bay-areas’ one-and-only Donna’s Cleaning Angels!  Whether you need a general house cleaning weekly, biweekly, or monthly, or a good team to scrub your kitchen, Donna’s Angels are on the job! Since the founder of the iconic cleaning service, Donna Ferrante, first started cleaning homes back in the ‘90s, her company has built an impressive track record in the cleaning business now 29 years later.

The successful cleaning service, which Donna started and built all on her own, is highly praised and regarded throughout Tampa Bay. Altogether, the impressive company serves a total of three counties, including Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinellas. While serving such an expansive area is an astounding feat for any small business, it isn’t the only reason for the Cleaning Angel’s rising popularity. Donna’s Cleaning Angels has won the trust of their customers because of their dedication to doing “the job right the first time,” both openly and honestly. In fact, some of Donna’s clients have been using her for over 20 years! And as another result of the team’s hard work and dedication, Donna’s Cleaning Angels has been voted by their customers as the top cleaning service in the Tampa Bay area. No matter the service or the situation, whether it be a last minute clean before you move out of your house, or a clean for your brand-new home before you move in, Donna’s Cleaning Angels are ready to help and do a thorough job. Or as they say, “We are obsessed with the details of clean!”

Diane Morris of Odessa, who was particularly pleased by the angels’ work, gave a detailed report of what the house looked like after the team left. She wrote, “House is clean from baseboards to ceiling fan blades and a/c grates. Good attention to detail. Kitchens and bathroom look great. Wood furniture looks great. Blinds, window ledges, picture frames are dusted. Appliances shine… The girls work in teams, this way they have a lot more energy together. References and insurances provided per request.Her team brings their own supplies. Donna herself returns my calls,” she continued. “Overall, I’m very pleased with this company, and understand why they’ve remained in business for so many years in this area. I have referred them to many people.”

Why is it, you might ask, that Donna cares so much about providing a quality service for her customers? Well, the answer lies in Donna’s family legacy of going above and beyond for their customers. Donna came from a mixed Italian and French-Canadian family up in New Hampshire, whose dedication to their Italian restaurant of over 70 years, helped teach her to have a strong work ethic in whatever she does. She also learned the importance of serving others in business, and when she needed more money as a single mother after moving to Florida, she knew what she had to do.

Back in 1991, Donna started Donna’s Cleaning Service, in which she worked vigorously to clean homes and offices, leaving nothing behind but her angelic touch. But not only was Donna’s hard work ethic making a difference in the places that she cleaned, but she was also touching hearts along the way… At the start of her business, the inspirational entrepreneur began cleaning for an elderly woman on hospice. The two quickly became close friends, to the point where Donna decided to give the older woman a beautiful crystal angel as a symbol of their friendship. The woman was extremely grateful of the gift, and thus referred to Donna as her “Cleaning Angel.”

And that’s how Donna’s Cleaning Angels got its wings! Over time, the company grew, and more angels were employed to swoop in and clean for customers. Years later, as a successful entrepreneur and a true emblem of the American Dream, Donna’s small-side business that she had started to help the family, ended up growing over the course of almost three decades, to the true success story that it is today. And now, you can welcome your own pair of angels inside your home! “I love the feeling of coming home to a sparkling clean home and Donna’s Cleaning Angels deliver every time!” JoAnne Peters of Palm Harbor rejoiced. “So thankful for Donna and her attention to us as her customer!”

As a true businesswoman, Donna enjoys getting to meet her clients while giving them a free consultation for their residences. People are impressed with the long-term business owner’s skills, both in cleaning and in managing her angels. After all, it isn’t easy being an entrepreneur, let alone a caring businessowner with a stellar reputation for almost thirty years! However, the biggest lesson that Donna has learned over time, “is that the only way you can be successful is you have to keep at it…Never let up. Keep going and do the right things.” And it’s no doubt that Donna has done just that. The Cleaning Angel company also has a Refer-A-Friend program that can offer either a free clean or a discount once you refer friends and family. 

Whether you need a deep-house cleaning, or a regular cleaning, Donna’s angels will provide your home with the versatile tools needed to uncover your place’s natural shine. And if you own a rental property or two, there’s no need to stress! The experienced and well-trained angels perform every job with the finest cleaning products, including high-quality germ-killing chemicals, commercial grade vacuums, and much more. Due to Covid 19, the Angels also wear masks and follow CDC guidelines while cleaning your home. But the shine doesn’t just stop there – Donna’s Cleaning Angels also offers commercial cleaning for offices, such as real estate offices, doctor offices, and more!  

“If anyone is looking for a great cleaning service then call Donna’s Cleaning Angels at 727-942-8289,” Bob Fortin of Tarpon Springs advertised about the company. “I have been using this service for about three years. Attention to detail and professionalism is what is very important to me and I have been very satisfied each time the ladies come to clean my home. Customer service has been wonderful and they are extremely dependable.”

Over the course of almost 30 years, all it took was one determined individual to turn a small business into a sparkling success with many loyal customers. Just as she touched the heart of her elderly friend in hospice, so does Donna bless her community every day, by managing her team to care about helping others and to provide the best service they can. But don’t just take others’ word for it – give Donna’s Cleaning Angels a chance to sparkle up your own home or commercial space today! After all, to many people in our area, they really are “Simply the Best.”

Dust your home ownership worries away with a sparkling clean from Donna’s Cleaning Angels! Call Donna’s Cleaning Angels now at (727) 942-8289. Don’t forget to check out Donna’s Cleaning Angels on FaceBook! References provided upon request