If you ask a few of Dr. Sam Jureyda’s patients to describe their experience with him, you’ll quickly hear a common theme.

They respect him and appreciate him because of his kindness and dedication to superior orthodontic treatment.

You could say he makes them smile, while adjusting their teeth for the perfect smile.

“I think the world of his practice and the work he’s doing for my daughter,” says Scott Nolan, whose 10-year-old, Josephine, has been treated at Radiance Orthodontics for nearly a year. “Dr. J is just done such a great job of helping her understand the process – and feel like she’s an important part of it.”

Dr. J, as his patients call him, has spent more than 20 years practicing orthodontics. Before moving into private practice in 2006 – and subsequently opening Radiance Orthodontics about two years ago – he taught graduate level students at the University of Buffalo.

As a former educator, he is dedicated to the students and teachers at schools in the local community. He is a business partner or contributor at most public schools in New Tampa. Chances are, if your elementary, middle or high school is having an event where business partners are welcome, you’ll see Dr. J and his team.

“It is my honor and privilege to support the students and educators in New Tampa,” says Dr. J. “The children in our community are its future, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be in partnership with the schools that are educating them.”

Dr. Jureyda believes his own practice is improved by education, too. So he strives to stay at the cutting edge of orthodontics, offering his patients the latest treatments and methods for the most appropriate and most efficient orthodontic treatment available for each patient’s personal needs and situation.

“Orthodontics is a dynamic specialty,” Dr. J says, “with new technologies and materials requiring a constant updating of clinical skills and practice protocols.”

Initial Consultation

Dr. Jureyda offers a completely free, no obligation consultation to any patient who is interested in learning more about orthodontic treatment, whether or not you have been referred to an orthodontist.

The practice welcomes children, teenagers, and adults.

Common issues Radiance Orthodontics treats include straightening and correcting crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, missing teeth, or many other issues.

In the interest of providing the most complete diagnosis and comprehensive exam, your free consultation and oral exam includes X-rays, along with a review of your dental and medical history.

Dr. J and his staff will then work with you to create a customized treatment plan and discuss flexible financial options.

Those options include a variety of braces, but not like you remember them! Today’s braces can be metal, clear or ceramic, and Dr. J can explain he many different options available to you during your free consultation.

Another popular option is Invisalign, which uses invisible, removable, comfortable aligners to straighten teeth. The method is constantly improving and is now so effective, it may work more quickly than traditional braces.

If you’re not sure timing is right for orthodontic treatment because of an upcoming big event, such as a wedding or senior pictures, a free consultation is recommended. Dr. J can work with your individual situation to be sure you’re picture-perfect for your big day.

Our Patients, Our Friends

“We believe in building partnerships with each patient – educating, supporting and encouraging them. You are important to us as a person,” Dr. J explains. “We look forward to your visits as time spent with a friend. We hope you will feel the same.”

Many of his patients say they agree.

“He’s just a super-nice guy,” says Johnathan Donald, whose son, Braxton, has been a patient at Radiance Orthodontics for a little more than a year. “I think I’m a nice guy, but he blows me away,” Johnathan laughs.

He says he believes Dr. J’s background as a professor influences how he treats his patients. “He comes at it not only as an orthodontist who has to run a business,” says Johnathan, “but also like a doctor teaching a student, spending time to determine what will be best for you.”

Shelia Reed is another New Tampa parent who brings her daughter to Radiance Orthodontics.

Shelia was concerned about her daughter, Jewel, and while her dentist said it was no rush to see an orthodontist, Shelia decided she had nothing to lose by taking advantage of the free consultation offered by Radiance Orthodontics.

Dr. Jureyda prefers to take a proactive approach to treatment, rather than to wait until all teeth come in to deal with problems. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Dr. J explains. “If there’s a problem, we can intercept and resolve it, and we don’t have to just accept the problem and wait.”

Early intervention is typically simpler and smaller than a full treatment, and Dr. J won’t recommend unnecessary treatment.

Dr. J’s approach has been a benefit to Shelia Reed and her daughter, Jewel.

“When I explain to my closest friends or family, I say he’s a godsend,” she says. “He is the most amazing person in his field.”

Shelia says Dr. J involves Jewel in her care, asking her to hold instruments and showing patience in explaining details directly to Jewel.

“I feel like my daughter is his only patient,” she says. “I’m sure all of his patients feel like that, too. I really, genuinely trust him, and my daughter looks forward to seeing him.”

Johnathan puts it this way: “Give him a chance,” he says. “Make an appointment and go in. I promise you will be rewarded. He is so good.”

To read additional reviews about the practice, Google “Radiance Orthodontics,” where you’ll see that every review is a five-star rating. You can also search for Radiance Orthodontics on Facebook or Instagram for photos, giveaways, reviews, and more.

For more information about Radiance Orthodontics, located at 17427 Bridge Hill Court, Suite A, in the Tampa Palms Professional Center, please visit www.MyRadianceBraces.com. To schedule your free consultation with X-rays, call Radiance Orthodontics at 813-972-1100.