TCBY Trinity Regulars, Eric Libardi and daughter Chloe.
TCBY Trinity Regulars, Eric Libardi and daughter Chloe.

By Lisa Stephens

The dog days of summer are surely upon us as we enter the month of August with continued high temperatures bringing sweltering heat. Hot summer days and nights become a little more tolerable with a cool treat. The TCBY commitment to customers is “to offer you nutritional value and variety” when it comes to their products. General Manager and co-owner Jenifer Silar-Mills stays true to that commitment and more at her TCBY location at the Mitchell Ranch Plaza in Trinity. It’s a family affair for Silar-Mills as her parents, Patti and Jay Silar are co-owners as well. All take pride in the quality of products and service they deliver to folks in the Trinity area seeking a refreshing treat without the guilt associated with most desserts.

In 2011, Jay and Patti discovered a self-serve TCBY yogurt store and liked what they tasted! Though retired, they saw this as a great business opportunity. After doing their research on the company, they sought out a good location to launch their business and discovered the future potential at Mitchell Ranch Plaza. They opened shop in August 2011 and will celebrate seven years of success this month.

In that same year, TCBY introduced their Super Fro-Yo. The standards required to meet this category of yogurt include four or more grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, seven types of live or active cultures, low in fat and no more than 120 calories per serving.   Super Fro-Yo is also a great source of calcium and vitamin D. No guessing in involved when trying to select one of the more nutritional options as all the flavors offered meet the Super Fro-Yo standards.

Variety of products = something for everyone!

There truly is something at TCBY for everyone. Vegan,GMO, gluten and dairy free products are offered as well. A no sugar added and Greek yogurts are also among the selection of flavors.   Flavors are often changed so if you’ve been there recently, go again because chances are, the choice of flavors have changed since you were there last. Want more than one flavor? You’re in luck! Each of the five self-serve yogurt machines features two compatible flavor options. If you want to combine both flavors of a particular machine, you can swirl the two flavors together for a double delight! For example, the traditional favorites, vanilla and chocolate , are always among the selection of one machine. Patrons can fill cups with one flavor or swirl them together.   Seasonal flavors are also featured at different times of the year such as peach during the summer months and pumpkin during the fall and winter seasons.

If Super Fro-Yo isn’t healthy enough for you, Patti explains they always have what she calls “the healthy machine.” It’s the machine which features the no sugar added or nonfat selections.   The no sugar added flavors sometimes offered include chocolate chip mint, cappuccino, blackberry, butter pecan and blueberry delight.   The Greek yogurt is flavored with honey and vanilla. “Our products really are a healthy treat no matter what you pick,” she said. Jay added that all the flavors are also kosher and Halal certified.

There’s more to TCBY than meets the eye

If you still want the nutritional value of yogurt for your ice cold treat but crave the added crunch of an ice cream cone, TCBY offers that option, too! Their hand dipped yogurt case features a variety of flavors that can be nestled into a waffle cone or bowl for your added enjoyment!

The variety does not end at flavor selection. With more than fifty toppings to choose from, the fun is just beginning! Sprinkles, chunks of cookie dough, candies, chocolate chips, fresh fruits and more adorn the toppings bar. Squeezable toppings such as marshmallow, Hershey’s syrup, raspberry, coffee and salted caramel are flavor options.   If hot fudge or caramel are your preference, they’ve got you covered there as well as both are always on hand and available.

After making your yogurt flavor selection, don’t forget to check out the options available in freezer display! Frozen yogurt pies are also available! These make great desserts for your family or those special occasions when you’re having company or want to take a special dessert to an occasion you’ve been invited to. Also available are Yogwiches which feature flavored frozen yogurt sandwiched between two outer layers of Oreo cookie. Assorted flavors of frozen yogurt cupcakes are also on display. The freezer selection also caters to those who want to take home the refreshing dessert. Fro-yo pints are ready to grab and go!

A great place to be on both sides of the counter

TCBY regulars, Dede Dickinson and Rae McMann are walking testimonies of quality of products and customer service they receive at TCBY. These ladies work at the nearby Medical Center of Trinity.   “We have to be careful about what we have for lunch every day so we can have room for this. It’s our ritual,” chuckled Dede. Rae added, “We just love it. One of my favorites is cake batter with hot fudge!”

For the owners, creating a great atmosphere for customers means creating happy employees as well. Among those behind the counter are Jeff Oles and Grant Jackson. Both expressed their pleasure of working for the Silar family.   Patti explained for those seeking a first job,   it’s important to them to provide a safe, supervised and fun opportunity.   “This is a family store and we treat our employees and customer like family,” she explained. Evidently, employee satisfaction equates to customer satisfaction as well. Many of the customers seen daily are familiar faces.

Stop in soon for your nutritious summer cool down treat! Located at 3140 Little Road, Trinity, 34655. Store hours are noon to 10p.m. Sunday through Saturday.