By Deborah Bostock-Kelley

In March, he shaved his head to raise funds for a childhood cancer charity. At the beginning of the pandemic, he researched and organized a mask donation to provide to those in need… because a friend asked for help. A family man with his wife, two teenage sons, and a dog, it’s in William McKissock’s DNA to assist people both in his personal life and as a franchise owner with Schooley-Mitchell. This transplant from Scotland has a message on a whiteboard in his office that poses the question, “who can I help today?”

When William arrived in Florida with his wife in 2011 to start her new job, he wanted to try something different. His career in Scotland was in economic development. He founded a floor cleaning company here in Florida, then discovered franchise consulting. Much like a realtor who assists clients in finding the perfect home, William, as a Franchise Consultant, helped clients find their dream franchise. Through this process of helping other people in the franchise world, he discovered Schooley-Mitchell. He was so impressed with their philanthropic franchise model, and that it complemented his expertise in economic development, he purchased a franchise based Lutz in 2016.

Envision having a single company that can save you in many aspects of your business. From your telecom –internet, television, and telephone, toSmall Package Shipping – envelopes up to 150 pounds, to Credit Card Processing, to Waste Management costs, and your digital e-Signature costs, one company can help your business reduce its costs in these different areas. 

William and his team of analysts at Schooley-Mitchell headquarters will spend about six weeks analyzing your expenses, looking for savings. Besides reducing your overall costs, they also look for billing errors with no out of pocket costs to you. They only get paid if you accept their recommendations that save you money. If you do not accept or they do not find you savings, there is absolutely no charge for their audit of your costs and services.

With a business agreement in place, William and his team of analysts dig deep into your billing statements and contracts for the initial audit and continue to monitor your statements and vendors for you for 12 quarters. The initial analysis takes about six weeks. Acting on your behalf, they will contact and negotiate with your vendors, looking to agree on better pricing for equal or often improved service, and also provide suggestions for alternatives. Throughout this entire process, you remain in control; it is your decision whether or not to accept William’s recommendations that are totally in your best interest and not that of your vendors.

At the end of the research, William presents the data via a detailed report, typically in person, but most recently moved to ZOOM meetings to ensure safety during Covid-19.

“Everything can be done virtually. Clients can come from all over North America and Canada. It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate because our services adapt to the needs of any industry. We know what everyone else is paying, as we have negotiated over 22,000 deals. We know what we’re doing, no matter what industry you are in,” said William. “If there is no savings or the client does not accept our recommendation, there is no charge for our time.”

When you accept the recommendations, you are not charged until three months after your first quarter of savings. Billing is in twelve installments of 50% of the savings found. Quarterly post-audit reports are generated, which is William and his team’s way of keep on top of your costs and services.

Even William has been pleasantly surprised by some of the savings he’s discovered. A client who he expected to reduce costs of over $48,000 annually actually saved $43,000 in their first quarter. Another is expected to save $100,000 in 2020.

“Schooley-Mitchell is the perfect fit for me because I genuinely like to help people. If I can do something to make a difference, I’ll do it.  It’s who I am in my personal life and my profession.”

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